TEFL Certification

Employers can view and verify certification details of prospective teachers' TEFL course completion on this page.

How to View the TEFL Certificate

Find the certificate number

The unique StudyTEFL certificate number is at the bottom-right of the TEFL certificate.

Open a new tab

Type www.studytefl.com/ followed by the unique TEFL certificate number.

Enter the password

Where it asks for the password, please enter the student's family name
(Including any capitals: e.g., Smith).

Sample Certificate

Employers: certificates purporting to be studyTEFL-issued are not genuine unless they look like this and can be located on our website (as described above: “How to view the TEFL certificate”). 

This option is for graduated students who require a hardcopy certificate. Newly graduated students are provided a digital copy of both their certificate and transcripts. Buying paper certification is usually unnecessary.






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Frequently Asked Questions

The United Kingdom, but our tutors also reside in both China and South Korea. 

Globally. Our courses cover all internationally recognized criteria and are OTCAC accredited. Our value may seem too good to be true but we are credible and our certificates are legitimate.

Forever. Once you have completed your online course, you are certified. This qualification cannot be taken away from you but it is your responsibility to continue developing your teaching skills.

No. Our units are tested by quizzes, including both multiple choice and short answer responses. Our pass rate is close to 100% (mostly due to a handful of students losing interest in becoming a teacher of EFL). The final exam is multiple choice.

One year. After 183 days, your course code will expire and you will no longer be able to access the course content.

Yes. Once you have completed your course with a passing grade, you receive digital PDF and online certification (this version can be viewed by anyone with your course completion code and your surname 24/7). If you require to receive a mailed, embossed paper certificate, you must pay a small additional fee of $15. 

Experience and accreditation. Our staff each has over a decade of TEFL experience, certification, Masters in TESOL or (Applied) English Linguistics, and some also have teaching qualifications such as PGDE. Our courses have each been approved by OTCAC for full accreditation, meaning they meet objective standards set by the industry for training new EFL teachers. StudyTEFL as an institution is also accredited by CPD and has full UKRLP registration, meaning we are recognized as a valid education institute by a UK government branch.

Low costs, low profit, and high student numbers. Automation and fewer staff help us to keep our costs low, and we do not rip you off. We know what you might be thinking: low cost can mean low quality. But we offer low cost and high quality. In fact, we are so sure of our exceptional quality that not only do we allow you to access some courses before enrolling, we also offer a full refund within 14 days if you are not 100% satisfied with your course. 

Once you have paid for your course, everything is included except a paper certificate, which not all employers require. All students receive full technical support and a digital certificate with transcripts.

No. StudyTEFL content adheres to international TEFL standards. We cover the same material as other online courses and actually offer more modern content since we were established more recently. So, actually, we consider our content to be superior to many course providers. Part of our motivation for forming StudyTEFL was dissatisfaction about courses provided by certain TEFL course providers. 

Trustpilot and on our courses. We have only been registered with Trustpilot for a short while but already we have a number of excellent reviews. 

70%. This is the British grading system equivalent for an A. We feel that a TEFL teacher should display at least this level of knowledge to be an effective classroom teacher. Since most of the questions are multiple choice or free response questions, this grade should be easily attainable should you read the material and make some effort to retain the key information of each unit.

No. Our content is 100% online.

Yes. Digital PDF certificates come with transcripts. When you view these online, it will appear as it does on this page. A paper transcript is posted with your certificate, should you choose the paper certification option. Information such as your name, course title, units learned, your overall passing score, and the issue date are included.

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